Extended Education Conference - World Education Research Association

For presenters

Please consider these things before your presentation at the conference:

  • Clean the camera lens on the device you will use before your presentation
  • Test the ZOOM-link before the conference and familiarize yourself with how it works
  • Check the lighting – avoid having a shadow across your face or having strong light behind you
  • Position yourself – the top of your head should be close to the top of the screen so people see you from the chest or waist up. This is especially important if you tend to gesture with your hands.
  • Do not use a virtual background – this can make movements seem unnatural
  • Make sure background clutter is minimal
  • Notify others so they do not disturb your presentation
  • Make sure your device is plugged in or fully charged
  • Make sure your wifi connection is strong and stable
  • Using headphones is a good idea
  • If you want to play a video, please look through the instructions regarding screen and audio sharing – find it here
  • We recommend that you download ZOOM on your computer, but you can join the meeting/webinar from the web

For participants and presenters

Time Zone

All times are Reykjavík time, which is UTC – (Coordinated Universal Time)

For reference:

  • London = UTC+1
  • Stockholm = UTC+2
  • Berlin = UTC+2
  • Moscow =UTC+3
  • New York =UTC-4
  • Tokyo = UTC+9
  • Seoul = UTC+9
  • Sydney = UTC+10